Decadent Evil (known by the slightly reworked title of Decadent Evil Dead in the United Kingdom), is a 2005 vampire film, produced and directed by Charles Band. The film was shot in and around Los Angeles, California, United States.

The films stars Phil Fondacaro, Debra Mayer, Jill Michelle, Daniel Lennox, Hazel Dean, and Raelyn Hennessee. Porn actress Harmony Rose has a small role as a hooker.

The film is loosely connected to the Subspecies series, since a vampire mistress in this film knew Ash from Vampire Journals.


A fallen foot tall Homunculus called Marvin (a part human/part reptile creature) is imprisoned in a birdcage by a vengeful lover who is bidding to become the world's most powerful vampire.

Footage from Vampire Journals (a spin off from Subspecies) is used at the beginning of the movie to explain how Morella, the vampire Queen, left her bloodline behind in Europe. The movie ends with Morella transformed into a Homunculus and having sex in the cage with Marvin.

Cast Edit

  • Hazel Dean as Tami
  • Phil Fondacaro as Ivan
  • Raelyn Hennessee as Spyce
  • Daniel Lennox as Dex
  • Debra Mayer as Morella
  • Jill Michelle as Sugar
  • Brian Muir as Club Patron


The movie was released to mostly negative reviews. Despite this, a figure of the creature 'Marvin' was produced; a growing trend for Charles Band and Full Moon.


Decadent Evil II followed in 2007. The movie reunited Jill Michelle with Danniel Lennox, although Ivan Burroughs was played by Ricardo Gil. Fondacaro does, however, appear as Ivan Burroughs in Evil Bong.

Videos Edit

Decadent Evil - 2005 Trailer

Decadent Evil - 2005 Trailer

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