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Monster Dog
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The fear... the terror... the nightmare... they will never forget it!
Directed By
Claudio Fragasso
Produced By
Carlos Aured, Eduard Sarlui, Helen Szabo, Clark Tyrrel
Written By
Claudio Fragasso
Alice Cooper, Victoria Vera, Carlos Santurio
Music By
Grupo Dichotomy, Dick Maas
José García Galisteo
Editing By
Antonio Jose Ochoa

Release Date(s)
December 1984 (Italy)
84 min
Spain, United States

Monster Dog also known as LeviatanThe Bite, and Los Perros de la Muerte, is a 1984 Spanish horror film written and directed by Claudio Fragasso, and starring Alice Cooper, and Victoria Vera. It was filmed in Torrelodones, Spain.


Alice Cooper plays a pop star who takes his band to his hometown to shoot his latest video. They are greeted by the sheriff (whom he has known since a kid), who warns him that there's been several murders in the area where the bodies were ripped to shreds. The police think it's a pack of wild dogs, but Alice knows different.


  • Alice Cooper as Vince Raven
  • Victoria Vera as Sandra
  • Carlos Santurio as Frank
  • Pepa Sarsa as Marilou
  • Pepita James as Angela
  • Emilio Linder as Jordan
  • Ricardo Palacios as Sheriff Morrison


  • Alice Cooper did not dub his own voice for the English language version. Instead his lines were dubbed by Ted Rusoff.
  • A few of the scenes in the film use Dick Maas' music from "The Lift".

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