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1428 Elm Street is located in the town of Springwood in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. The iconic former home of The Thompson Family and the Walsh family. It was, for many years, abandoned due to no one wanting to live in a house that had seen so much violence over the years.


1428 Elm Street was widely known for being the original home to the dream-killer Freddy Krueger's first enemy, Nancy Thompson and her family.(It's also believed that this house use to be the home of Freddy Kruger in his former life) After Nancy's mother was murdered by Freddy, Nancy and her father moved out. Only to have a soon-to-be enemy of Freddy, Jesse Walsh, would move in. After Jesse defeated him, he moved elsewhere and the house became deserted for many years due to its history of bloodshed. Years later it would be renovated and the Campbells moved in, where Lori's mother, Mrs. Campbell was murdered.

Dream RealmEdit

While 1428 Elm Street looked like a normal, if not abandoned house in the real world, it was anything but in the dream world. It's a stomping ground for Freddy who waits for his victims to dream and would sometimes bring them there. The house is rotted the windows are boarded up and the door rusted. Children dressed in white clolthes would usually be seen outside the house playing jump rope and singing the Freddy Kruger jump rope song. Inside the house it's dark and unsettling quiet. Downstairs in the basement is the boiler room where Freddy use to take his young victims and kill them in his former life and usually waits for his next victims to show up down there.

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