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Absurd (Italian:Rosso Sangue; also known as Anthropophagus 2, Monster Hunter, Horrible and The Grim Reaper 2) is a 1981 Italian horror film directed by Joe D'Amato and written by (and starring) George Eastman. The film is a follow-up to Antropophagus.

Plot Edit

A priest comes to a small town to help get rid of a monster whose blood coagulates very fast. This creates problems as the monster is very hard to kill and then decides to go on a killing spree of its own.

Cast Edit

  • George Eastman as Mikos Stenopolis
  • Annie Belle as Emily
  • Charles Borromel as Sergeant Ben Engleman
  • Katya Berger as Katia Bennett
  • Kasimir Berger as Willy Bennett
  • Hanja Kochansky as Carol Bennett
  • Ian Danby as Ian Bennett
  • Ted Rusoff as Doctor Kramer
  • Edmund Purdom as Father
  • Cindy Leadbetter as Peggy
  • Lucia Ramirez as Angela
  • Mark Shannon as Man on TV
  • Michele Soavi as Biker
  • Martin Sorrentino as Machine Shop Owner
  • James Sampson as Black cop (uncredited)

List of deaths Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Nurse Thelma Gardelli Drill through head Mikos Stenopolis Yes
Machine Shop Owner Head cut in half Mikos Stenopolis Yes
Biker Strangled Mikos Stenopolis Yes
Peggy Pickaxe through head Mikos Stenopolis Yes
Nurse Emily Pair of scissors in throat Mikos Stenopolis Yes
Father Strangled Mikos Stenopolis Yes
Mikos Stenopolis Decapitated with axe Katia Bennett Yes

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