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You know, I saw it in my dream. Th-There was this horrible man...
― Alice Johnson

Alice Johnson is the main protagonist in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and its sequel, The Dream Child.



Alice was a quiet girl who escaped from her dysfunctional homelife with her alcoholic father, Dennis Johnson, in daydreams. Her older brother, Rick, didn't take their father's abuse so passively, and sometimes fought back. Whenever Alice dreamed, she'd remember an old nursery rhyme about "the Dream Master" that her mother had taught her. She kept a mirror completely covered with pictures because she didn't want to see herself as she really was. As time passed and Alice accepted herself, she removed the pictures.

The Dream Master Edit


In The Dream Master, Alice was a friend of Kristen Parker's, who dated her brother Rick. After her friends Kincaid and Joey were killed, Alice was pulled into Kristen's fight with Freddy Krueger, who was plaguing the children of Elm Street. When Kristen was killed, she passed her power to Alice, but it went through Freddy first, taking a part of himself into Alice. She was too late to save Kristen in the real world, however, and Kristen burned to death. Freddy then begins to use Alice to gain access to the dreams of other children and proceeds to kill Rick and many of Alice's friends. However, Alice absorbs the "dream powers" and personality traits of each victim causing her to become the Dream Master. Alice confronts Freddy in the Dream World but is unable to seriously harm him despite her newly acquired powers. Just as Freddy has her cornered, she recalls the last part of the Dream Master rhyme: "In the reflection of my mind's eye, evil will see itself, and it shall die." Using a piece of broken glass, she forces Freddy to see himself. This somehow enables the imprisoned souls of his victims to escape, tearing Freddy to pieces and, in the process, killing him.

The Dream Child Edit

In The Dream Child, Freddy uses the dreams of Alice's unborn son, Jacob, to murder more people including Daniel Jordan, the father of Alice's baby. Freddy plans to use Jacob to be reborn into the real world. However, Alice, with help from the spirits of both Amanda Krueger and Jacob, defeats Freddy once more and traps him inside Amanda Krueger. Alice later gives birth to Jacob and moves away from Springwood.

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