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That's not what you told me.
― Amanda to Richie
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Amanda appears in the remake of Friday the 13th (series). She is portrayed by America Olivo.


Along with her boyfriend Richie and a few others, Amanda goes hiking in the woods around Crystal Lake in 2008, looking for a patch of wild marijuana growing there. As night falls, the group becomes lost and decides to set up camp. While around the campfire, Wade, after spotting some abandoned cabins nearby, tells everyone the story of Pamela Voorhees and her son Jason Voorhees, who is said to still wander the woods. When Whitney and her boyfriend Mike wander off, Amanda, while Wade tells Richie about how he has figured out the mistake he made with the GPS and that the weed is about a mile away, strips down and starts lathering herself in baby oil in front of Richie and behind the oblivious Wade's back. Realizing what is going on, Wade leaves Amanda and Richie alone and the two have anal sex in their tent.

While in the tent, Amanda senses someone outside and has Richie go see who it is and get them to go away. Now alone, Amanda is attacked by Jason Voorhees, who cuts his way into the tent and grabs her. Sealed in her sleeping bag, Amanda is hung from a tree over the campfire, her screams of pain bringing Richie, who had just found Wade's body, running back to the campsite, where he gets caught in a bear trap set by Jason. With Richie incapacitated, Amanda burns to death, her cooked body falling out of the sleeping bag seconds later.

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