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American Horror House is a Syfy TV horror film released on the Syfy channel October 13, 2012. The film centers on Miss Margot, the house mother of a sorority who kills numerous people to become her family in her sorority.

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  • Miss Margot - The antagonistic protagonist of the film.
  • Daria - One of the film's protagonists and Miss Margot's unfortunate victims and members of her ghostly family.
  • Missy - A friend of Daria's.
  • The Kappas - A cult based university group who fall prey to Miss Margot's killing spree.
  • Ghosts - Miss Margot's victims/minons including Daria, her friends, the party guests and The Kappas.
  • Colleen - The sadistic leader of The Kappas and a victim of Miss Margot's.
  • Two Strapping Students - Two university students who appear at the end of the film, visit the Margot House, and leave.
  • Lloyd - A friend of Daria's and a victim/member of Miss Margot's ghostly family.

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