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Amityville: A New Generation is the seventh installment in the Amityville Horror saga. It was released direct to video in 1993. Republic Pictures released this movie in R-rated and unrated versions. Paramount Home Entertainment and FremantleMedia North America has released this film to DVD in July 2005.

Plot Edit

Keyes Terry is an art photographer who is given a mirror by a homeless person he meets on the streets. After taking the mirror home, he eventually realizes that it is possessed with the spirit of his father, Franklin Bronner, who murdered his family on Thanksgiving with a shotgun in the original Amityville house.

Cast Edit

  • Ross Partridge - Keyes Terry
  • Julia Nickson-Soul - Suki
  • Lala Sloatman - Llanie (credited as Lala)
  • David Naughton - Dick Cutler
  • Barbara Howard - Janet Cutler
  • Jack Orend - Franklin Bonner (as Jack R. Orend)
  • Richard Roundtree - Pauli
  • Terry O'Quinn - Detective Clark
  • Robert Rusler - Ray
  • Lin Shaye - Nurse Turner
  • Karl Johnson - Cafe Owner
  • Ralph Ahn - Mr. Kim
  • Tom Wright - Morgue Attendant
  • Bob Jennings - Rookie Cop
  • Jon Steuer - Young Keyes
  • Robert Harvey - Bronner (as Bob Harvey)

Trivia Edit

  • The film's working title was Amityville 1993: The Image of Evil

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