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Andrea Perron is a character in the 2013 film The Conjuring. She is portrayed by Shanley Caswell. Andrea is the eldest daughter out of five.


In the fall of 1971, Andrea moves with her parents and four younger sisters to and old farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode island. The moment the family arrives, Andrea makes it clear she's unhappy with the move. She's wondering if she has a say in which bedroom to pick, considering she didn't have a say in the move.

Andrea is the only sister with her own bedroom, her other sisters have to share two by two. Her bedroom has a large, wooden closet at the wall, this being from the previous owners. One night, she wakes up to her sister Cindy banging her head against this closet. Cindy is known to sleep walk, so she calls her father and he takes Cindy out of her room.

Another night, her mother gets trapped in the basement after hearing clapping while all her daughters are asleep. Andrea wakes up another time to Cindy banging her head against the closest. Her dad is not at home this time to help, so Andrea takes Cindy away from the closest and tells her she can sleep in her bed this night. The moment she brings Cindy to bed, Andrea hears her closet door bang several times. She decides to take a look at the closet. While she's standing in front of the closet, after hearing Cindy wake up, Andrea follows her gaze to the top of the closet. On top of the closet sits a spirit of an elder woman. The entity, known as Bathsheba, jumps on top of Andrea and she falls down screaming.

After the attack the family decides to sleep in the living room together. At the same time Ed and Lorraine Warren are called in to help. After they gather evidence of what's happening, Andrea and her family get out of the house and stay in a motel. The moment the curse is lifted Andrea and her family are again reunited.

Trivia Edit

  • The real Andrea Perron wrote a three-part book based on her experiences in the house titled "House of Darkness, House of Light". She also visited the set of The Conjuring and served as consultant.
  • While Shanley Caswell portrays Andrea (the eldest daughter), Hayley McFarland, who portrayes Nancy Perron, was actually older in real life.

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