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I should have known. No human being is that humane...
Ripley 8 to Annalee Call.

Annalee Call is played by Winona Ryder in Alien Resurrection.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Annalee Call is a very human android programmed to protect the human species. She is an android created by other androids. They are called Autons. She belongs to an android series, that the government decided to destroy, because it was so human friendly. She survived this destruction and disappeared, but not before finding out about the sinister projects of the government, among them the alien project. She was almost killed by the Newborn. When Ripley 8 killed the Newborn by forcing it into space.

She becomes a member of the mercenaries, who are unknowingly involved in the Alien project to stop the alien project, because she is programmed to protect the human race, but she arrives too late. The aliens hatch and kill most of them. With the help of the Ripley clone and of the remaining survivors, however, she still manages to stop them anyway by destroying the ship, where the project was in development. Since she couldn´t self destruct it, she had to crush it on Earth destroying a part of it on the way as a last resort. She later becomes friends with Ripley.

She has a wish to be human and envies Ripley, because she, at least, is partially human.

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