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I can´t lie to you about your chances, have my sympathies..
Ash to Ripley, Parker and Lambert

Ash is played by Ian Holm in the film Alien. He is a disguised android, Hypedyne Systems 120-A/2.

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Ash is a spy of the Weyland Yutani Corporation in Alien. His mission was to infiltrate the Nostromo as part of a plan to analyse the alien they found out about through a signal sent by an alien ship on a planet. His job is to go with the Nostromo there without the knowledge of the crew, find out, if it is worthy for the company and then, if worthy, take it to Earth, no matter what, even if that meant to sacrifice the entire crew of the Nostromo on the way.

For this reason he lets Kane inside the ship, when he has one of the parasites on his face, so that he can study it. He also protects it, when it comes out of him later. He comes to realise, that the creature is worthy, tells the corporation about it and receives the order from them to bring the creature to earth, sacrificing the crew on the way. Ripley discovered the evil game and therefore he tries to kill her, so that she won´t spoil the company´s plans. He is stopped and disconnected by the other surviving crewmen.

Alien Ash and Ripley

Ash and Ellen Ripley

He is activated again and, after having clarified his mission and the company´s intentions to the others and telling them maliciously, that the creature cannot be stopped by revealing his own real analysis, Ripley violently disconnects him for the last time and Parker burns his body with a flamethrower. Its remains are wiped out, when the Nostromo is destroyed.

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