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Ashley Freund: I just wanna make sure we look our best.

Ashlyn Halperin: Yeah!
Ashley Freund: You know, for all those kids that died that night who will never get a graduation.

― Ashley and Ashlyn Halperin [src]

Ashley Freund was one of the survivors of the Devil's Flight rollercoaster in Final Destination 3. She is played by Chelan Simmons. Ashley is best friends with Ashlyn Halperin and they were popular cheerleaders at the McKinley High School. She and Ashlyn were the first survivors to die.

Biography Edit

Ashley was resided in McKinley, Pennsylvania. She is popular, carefree and very sassy. She and Ashlyn became best friends and popular since high school. Ashley and Ashlyn celebrated their senior field trip at the amusement park.


As the temperature in the room rises, the iced beverage cup persperates and begins to drip into the machine under it and causes it to spark and malfunction. The VAC then rises. The two girls notice something is wrong it starts to get too hot and they begin to sweat. However, since the room was so hot, the automatic air conditioning came on from the air vent, which tips over a coat rack. The coat rack knocks over into a potted tree, which falls and breaks the CD shelf off the wall, and into Ashlyn's tanning bed.

When Ashlyn realizes she set the temperature too high, she attempts to leave her bed at the exact moment the shelf fell on it, which in turn causes it to slide over into the opening slot of Ashley's bed and then slides into the opening slot in Ashlyn's bed, preventing them from leaving. Both girls begin to scream for help as the temperature rises and their skin begins to burn and tear. The flammable goggles they both wear, had melted and is now melting into their eyes. The glass above Ashley shatters all over her face and soon enough, the glass underneath her breaks and a fire ignites, burning her flesh. With no one to help her, Ashley lies in her bed screaming as she is burned alive along with Ashlyn.

Trivia Edit

  • Ashlyn and Ashley were going to be sisters, according to the direction commentary.
  • The song played during Ashley and Ashlyn's funeral is the same song as the one played during the memorial service of Flight 180 in Final Destination.
  • The scene taking place in the tanning both was a closet set. Only the camera operators were in the same room with Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe and black curtains were draped to keep onlookers out.

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