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Assumption is a 2017 American horror sci-fi short film starring Cortney Palm, Brian Patrick Butler and directed by Anthony Leone.


A man wakes from a concussion to find himself trapped in a cargo elevator, and as his time in isolation grows, so too does his paranoia.



Principal photography was completed in over the course of three days at Gray Area Multimedia (formerly Rosewood Five Studios) in December 2015 in San Diego, CA.

Release Edit

Assumption premiered at San Diego Film Week in North America on February 16, 2017, was shown at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival on September 8, 2017, and released on YouTube, Facebook and IMDb on January 9, 2019.

Accolades Edit

The film won 3rd place at the 2017 Screen with Screams Film Festival.

Videos Edit

Assumption - Teaser Trailer (2016)

Assumption - Teaser Trailer (2016)

Assumption - Official Trailer (2017)

Assumption - Official Trailer (2017)

"Assumption" - Horror Short Elevator Film w Cortney Palm

"Assumption" - Horror Short Elevator Film w Cortney Palm

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