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Atomic Shark is a 2016 American action horror feature film directed by actor/producer Griff Furst from a screenplay co-written with Scott Foy and Jack Snyder.

It was produced by Ted Chalmers (Don’t Look in the Cellar).

Plot Edit

A lifeguard called Gina at the coast of San Diego discovers radioactive sharks that are attacking everyone. Noone believes her.

So she commissions a band of unlikely heroes to assist her on a suicide mission to save the West Coast from these radioactive sharks.

List of deaths Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Sarah Bitten in half Atomic Shark Partly
Unnamed Person Acid bitten Atomic Shark Yes
Cal Hennings Acid bitten Atomic Shark Yes
Eight Unnamed People Acid bitten Atomic Shark Yes Two of them indirectly
Skip Forte Set on fire Atomic Shark Yes Indirectly
Unnamed Person, Henry Wallace, Unnamed Person Blown up in dockside grill explosion Atomic Shark Yes Indirectly
Two Unnamed Person Legs bitten/drowned Atomic Shark Yes
Reese Eaten explosion Atomic Shark Yes
Unnamed Person Killed Atomic Shark
Kylie Crushed by shark Atomic Shark No
Bucky Head explosion Atomic Shark Yes
Fletcher Explosion in human Atomic Shark Indirectly
Troy Pulled/drowned Atomic Shark Partly
Felice Pulled/blown up Atomic Shark Partly
Captain Rich Rottger Drowned/mauled Atomic Shark Partly
Atomic Shark Set on fire/blown up in ocean explosion N/A Yes
Gina, Rottger Atomic death N/A Partly

Cast Edit

  • Rachele Brooke Smith as Gina
  • David Faustino as Fletcher
  • Adam Ambruso as Reese

List of deathsEdit

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