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B.C. is a 2013 horror/science fiction film that was released and showed on the SyFy Channel on November 23rd, 2013, and directed by Ben Trimp.

Plot Edit

In the little town of Salida, Colorado, in the Museum of Natural History, a 4000 year old mammoth is accidentally thawed from it's icy coma and escapes into the grass covered fields of a small, near-by ranch, and it's angry wrath is unleashed upon the neighbors.

The owner of the ranch, Nat Darvis, does not know of the situation until he encounters the horrible creature later that night.

With the prehistoric monster at large, attacking innocent people and leaving a trail of disaster across the countryside, Nat must join forces with George and the museum's manager, Kyle, to bring down the mighty mammoth. But, as they search for the beast, the military has their eyes fixed on finding and capturing the mammoth themselves, and begin their own search.

As the huge mammoth's rampage continues on into the night, Nat finds that he must find a way to pay-off the ranch's deed before it is taken out of his hands and into the government's hands.

Finally, Nat, George, and Kyle come up with a plan to trap the mammoth, and destroy it.

As they lure the creature into the dairy barn, the final showdown begins with one of earth's biggest and deadliest creatures to ever exist!

Cast Edit

  • Mc Jones as George Bayin
  • Patrick Bradford as Kyle Mord
  • Ken Johnson as Nat Darvis
  • Liam Dolan as General Sean Monter
  • Grant Holocomb as Sheriff Jay Willan
  • Steven Moore as the Museum Guard
  • Mark Banning as Soilder #1

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