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Banshee!!! is a Monster/Horror film who directed by Collin Theys. This movie is based on the legendary creature Banshee.

Plot Edit

A group of college friends on a spring break camping trip are stalked and slashed by an unknown creature with the ability to make them hallucinate through sound waves. The survivors hold up refuge in an isolated farmhouse, cut off from all communication. Now, they have to come up with a plan to kill this unrelenting creature before it kills them. "Banshee!!!" takes the idea of the legendary Irish myth and spins it around into a terrifying and unstoppable monster!

Cast Edit

  • Ashley Bates as Veronica
  • David McCarthy as Rocker
  • Kevin Shea as Jack Gorman
  • Kerry McGann as Julianna Bansley
  • Iris McQuillan-Grace as Kerry
  • Troy Walcott as Lake
  • A. Mike Forgette as Corey
  • Leo Petry as Officer Conelly
  • Greg Nutcher as Officer Young
  • Ken Lamothe as Crazy Old Man
  • Cristina Santiago as Jennifer
  • John Doolan as Thomas
  • Nathan Pupillo as Mike
  • Jess Wakefield as Beautiful Hitchhiker
  • Jesse Murphy as Chad

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