Barbara is one of the main protagonists (alongside Ben) in George A. Romero's 1968 film Night of the Living Dead (1968). She is played by Judith O'Dea.


She and her brother went with a car six hours to a cementery in order to visit their dead father at their mother's request. There her brother was killed by a zombie in front of her eyes which left her traumatized.

The zombies also went after her. Because of that she fled to a house nearby in order to save her life. There she sees a dead human that had been half-devoured by the zombies and there she also meets Ben and the others who later fortify the place for theri own protection.

She was in a state of shock because of the events. Later her brother, who by then had also become a zombie, lured her to the other zombies. After that she was devoured by them offscreen.

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