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Barbara Lang is a character from The Rage: Carrie 2 and was portrayed by actress J. Smith-Cameron.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Barbara is the mother of Rachel Lang. She was put into an institution, when Rachel was a little girl after an episode involving Barbara painting her house red in an attempt to "protect" Rachel from evil spirits. Her daughter visits her regularly.

Sue Snell visited Barbara years later to find out who Rachel's true father really was. Reluctantly, Barbara revealed that the father was none other than Ralph White, the same man who fathered Carrie White. Barbara didn't disclose this information to protect Rachel out of fear of retaliation by the townspeople because of what Carrie did 20 years earlier.

Sue takes her out of hospital to tell Rachel in person who her real father is in an attempt to stop a second Black Prom, however they arrive too late. Sue reaches the door just as Rachel throws a fire poker at a boy's head, killing Sue on the other side as Barbara watches in horror. She witnesses the brutal carnage ensuing at the hands of her daughter as Barbara began falling down on her knees, holding her cross necklace and beating it to her while praying, repeating "It's my fault".

She later approaches a wounded Rachel. Believing she is possessed by the devil, she runs from the house, abandoning her child.

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