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Barbara Randolph was played by Janie Squire in the movie Piranha.

Biography Edit

Barbara Randolph and her boyfriend David went hiking through the woods at night near a river. In time they came upon an old, closed down military testing site, which included a large pool. Ignoring the warning not to enter, they illeagally entered and saw it all. Anxious to swim, they took most of their clothes off and then Barbara pushed David into the water, when he showed some doubts about it. After that she jumped into the pool, too. She swam after him and enjoyed it until David felt something biting him at his leg. He thought Barbara had bitten him, but in truth, it was a mutated piranha. Attracted by the blood, more mutated piranhas that were in the pool came and killed him. After that they also devoured Barbara.

Their deaths and screams caused Dr. Hoak to wake up from his sleep and see it all, when everything was already over. When Maggie McKeown was sent to search for David and Barbara, she and Paul, who helped her, found their skeletons after they drained the pool at the abandoned test site while searching for them knowing that they had been there because of clear evidence they had found before. It caused the piranhas to go into the river, which ignited all the horrible events that happened in the movie.

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