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Ben is one of the main protagonists (alongside Barbara) in the film Night of the Living Dead. He is portrayed by Duane Jones.

Biography Edit

She meets Barbara in front of a house, when he was fleeing from other zombies. She let him in. After that he managed to keep the zombies in check. Then he turned, with the help of others, the house into a fortified place to make sure the zombies cannot enter in the future. He also finds for certain that the zombies can be killed by hitting them in the head.

After being safe he, like the others, see TV and finds out that the problem is nationwide. In time, however, the defences fail and the zombies, who become more and more, kill them one by one. He is the only character among them who is not killed by the zombies.

In the morning, when the zombie hunters, who were organized by the nation in the meantime, arrive, they think he is a zombie and shoot him in the head. After that they burn his body together with the other zombies those zombie hunters had killed until then.

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