Ben Childress was played by John Cassavetes in The Fury.


Ben Childress is the boss of a very powerful and secret organization inside the CIA. They kidnap the most powerful psychics in order to raise them as weapons for the United States. They also kill their families to ensure it.

He wants to do this to Robin Sandza and his father Peter, who is also his friend. Peter survives, but Robin is kidnapped. During this event one of his arms became incapacitated because of shots fired at him by Peter in revenge for what he did. He and his people then push and abuse Robin in order to increase his powers, while they continue to try and kill Peter. Finally they push Robin too far and he becomes a danger. In order to stop him he abuses Peter to kill both of them and succeeds.

Next day he wants to do the same to Gillian Bellaver, who had the same abilities like Peter, but he doesn´t know that Robin has transferred his powers he gained through Childress to her before he died. She also knows everything about him, so she rejects and kills him in revenge for what he did and intended to do to her by exploding him from the inside out.

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