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Bereavement (also known as Malevolence 2: Bereavement) is a 2010 crime horror film directed by Steven Mena and starring Michael Biehn, John Savage, Brett Rickaby, Alexandra Daddario, Nolan Gerard Funk, Valentina de Angelis, Kathryn Meisle, Spencer List, and Peyton List. The story centers on an abducted child (Spencer List) who is forced to bear witness to the crimes of a madman (Rickaby).

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Michael Biehn as Jonathan Miller
  • Alexandra Daddario as Allison Miller
  • Brett Rickaby as Graham Sutter
  • Nolan Gerard Funk as William
  • Spencer List as Martin Bristol
  • Chase Pechacek as Martin Bristol as age 6
  • John Savage as Ted
  • Peyton List as Wendy Miller
  • Kathryn Meisle as Karen Miller
  • Valentina de Angelis as Melissa
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