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I don't know...Something...Something's wrong.
Betsy to Laura Dickinson

Betsy was played by Belinda Balaski in the movie Piranha.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Betsy, along with Laurie and Mr. Dumont, were responsible for the summer camp along the river, where the children were spending their vacation time. There she was directly responsible for the children, like Suzie Grogan.

Knowing Suzie did not want to go to the water, she decided to help her trick Mr. Dumont into not swimming the next day. She, like the others, also showed she did not like Mr. Dumont very much in a hidden way by throwing darts at his picture. She is also friends with Laurie, with which she spends the nights there talking, while also showing a tendency to trespass rules. There she got the rightful instinct worriness that something was dead wrong.

The next day Betsy, along with Laurie and the other children, with the exception of Suzie, went swimming in the river. There she like Laurie, watched over the children. When they were later attacked by the piranhas they gave instructions to the children to put their legs out of the water. It proved to be effective. Still they were destroying the plastic place with their teeth, where she was safe inside the river.

Suzie, who did everything possible to save them by approaching them with a boat that could save Laurie, but could not save Betsy in time; as she was devoured by them.

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