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Beware The Blob
Beware the Blob
Directed By
Larry Hagman
Produced By
Anthony Harris

Robert Walker Jr. Carol Lynley Godfrey Cambridge Gwynne Gilford Richard Stahl Richard Webb Marlene Clark Gerrit Graham J.J. Johnston

Danny Goldman
Music By
Mort Garson
Al Hamm
Editing By
Tony de Zarraga

Produced By
Jack H. Harris Enterprises
Distributed By
Jack H. Harris Enterprises
Umbrella Entertainment
Release Date(s)
June 21, 1972
91 minutes
United States

Beware The Blob (alternately titled as Beware the Blob, Son of Blob, Son of the Blob or The Blob Returns) is a 1972 (copyright 1971) sequel to horror science-fiction film The Blob (1958). The film was directed by Larry Hagman. The screenplay was penned by Anthony Harris and Jack Woods III, based on a story by Jack H. Harris and Richard Clair. The film originally earned a PG rating from the MPAA, though it is now unrated.

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Cast Edit

  • Robert Walker as Bobby Hartford
  • Gwynne Gilford as Lisa Clark
  • Richard Stahl as Edward Fazio
  • Richard Webb as Sheriff Jones
  • Marlene Clark as Mariane Hargis
  • Gerrit Graham as Joe, Ape-Suited
  • J. J. Johnston as Deputy Kelly Davis
  • Dick Van Patten as Scoutmaster Adleman
  • Tiger Joe Marsh as Naked Turk
  • Fred Smoot as Mike, Pinsetter Repairman
  • Randy Stonehill as Randy Guitar player, singer
  • Cindy Williams as Randy's Girlfriend
  • Preston Hagman as Preston, a Boy Scout
  • Larry Norman as Blonde Teenager
  • Bill Coontz as Bowling Alley Manager
  • Shelley Berman as Hair Artist
  • Godfrey Cambridge as Chester Hargis
  • Larry Hagman as Young Hobo
  • Carol Lynley as Leslie
  • Burgess Meredith as Old Hobo 
  • Conrad Rothmann as Fireman 
  • Danny Goldman as Bearded Teenager
  • Rockne Tarkington as Deputy Williams
  • Tim Baar as Deputy Ted Sims
  • Del Close as Hobo Wearing Eyepatch
  • John Houser as Hair Stylist's Customer
  • Robert N. Goodman as Henry Security Guard
  • Patrick McAllister as Al Repairman's Assistant
  • Byron Keith as Bowling Customer
  • Margie Adleman as Party Guest with Joe
  • Sid Haig as Deputy Zed 

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