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Beware The Blob (alternately titled as Beware the Blob, Son of Blob, Son of the Blob or The Blob Returns) is a 1972 (copyright 1971) sequel to horror science-fiction film The Blob.

The film was directed by Larry Hagman. The screenplay was penned by Anthony Harris and Jack Woods III, based on a story by Jack H. Harris and Richard Clair. The film originally earned a PG rating from the MPAA, though it is now unrated.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

  • Robert Walker as Bobby Hartford
  • Gwynne Gilford as Lisa Clark
  • Richard Stahl as Edward Fazio
  • Richard Webb as Sheriff Jones
  • Marlene Clark as Mariane Hargis
  • Gerrit Graham as Joe, Ape-Suited
  • J. J. Johnston as Deputy Kelly Davis
  • Dick Van Patten as Scoutmaster Adleman
  • Tiger Joe Marsh as Naked Turk
  • Fred Smoot as Mike, Pinsetter Repairman
  • Randy Stonehill as Randy Guitar player, singer
  • Cindy Williams as Randy's Girlfriend
  • Preston Hagman as Preston, a Boy Scout
  • Larry Norman as Blonde Teenager
  • Bill Coontz as Bowling Alley Manager
  • Shelley Berman as Hair Artist
  • Godfrey Cambridge as Chester Hargis
  • Larry Hagman as Young Hobo
  • Carol Lynley as Leslie
  • Burgess Meredith as Old Hobo 
  • Conrad Rothmann as Fireman 
  • Danny Goldman as Bearded Teenager
  • Rockne Tarkington as Deputy Williams
  • Tim Baar as Deputy Ted Sims
  • Del Close as Hobo Wearing Eyepatch
  • John Houser as Hair Stylist's Customer
  • Robert N. Goodman as Henry Security Guard
  • Patrick McAllister as Al Repairman's Assistant
  • Byron Keith as Bowling Customer
  • Margie Adleman as Party Guest with Joe
  • Sid Haig as Deputy Zed 

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