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Bikini Bloodbath Christmas is an American independent horror film released in 2009. It is directed by Jon Gorman and Tom Seymour and produced by Blood Bath Pictures. It is the third film in the series, following Bikini Bloodbath and Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash.

Plot Edit

The killer chef returns in this sequel to Bikini Bloodbath and Bikini Bloodbath Carwash. When Ms. Johnson sinks into a coma, Jenny and Sharon go to work in her famous Bong Shoppe and find themselves drawn into a bitter retail battle with the nearby Christian Deli. As the competition heats up, Jenny accidentally brings the Killer Chef back from beyond the grave. Later, at the holiday party, the eggnog begins to flow as the guests begin dropping like flies. As the eggnog wrestling match draws near, Jenny and Sharon team up to take down psychotic chef before the big event [1].

Cast Edit

  • Debbie Rochon as Miss Johnson
  • Rachael Robbins as Jenny
  • Dick Boland as Miss Johnson
  • Niki Notarile as Sharon
  • Lloyd Kaufman as Doctor O'Masterblaster
  • Phil Hall as Gina Davis
  • Matt Ford as Good Santa Claus
  • Monique "GATA" Dupree as Dungaree
  • Margaret Rose Champagne as William Defoe
  • Sarah Dauber as Sapphire
  • Philip Guerette as Rell the Cyclops
  • Thomas Edward Seymour as Prince Colwyn
  • Chris Keyes as Evil Santa Claus
  • Dana Fay Ensalata as Crabcakes
  • Sheri Lynn as Leevin
  • David James Sheehan as Joe Portodo

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