"I'm going to kill you."
- Billy Lenz over the phone

William Edward Lenz also known as Billy Lenz is the main villain of the horror movie Black Christmas, as well as its remake (in which he earned his second name) - he was a deranged serial-killer who managed to escape a mental asylum while his half-sister/daughter Agnes (when Billy's mother raped him) started killing and slaughtering the girls in a sorority house which was his old child hood home, He is portrayed by Robert Mann.

1974 MovieEdit

There is almost no information given about the killer in the original movie. All that is known is that a person climbs into a sorority house, and starts making obscene and sexual phone calls to the girls downstairs.

From the phone calls, the audience discovers that the man's name is Billy, and he obviously is mentally unstable. Billy routinely repeats phrases over the phone that give hints to his identity. It is assumed that he sexually abused his younger sister Agnes. And his parents abused him regularly.

Billy goes on a killing spree by killing the girls in a delusional rampage. When the police are called, they believe that the killer is someone else, and Billy manages to escape.

2006 filmEdit

Much more information is giving about Billy's back story in the remake. It's revealed that he has a rare liver disease that gives him jaundice. His mother and father hate each other, but his father Frank Lenz cares about his son while his mother Constance Lenz hates Billy so much for reminding her of her husband. One Christmas, Mrs. Lenz and her boyfriend murder Billy's father. They then bury the body under the house and lock Billy in the attic.

Billy never leaves the attic and makes it his home. When Billy is twelve, his mother rapes him, and becomes pregnant with his sister/daughter. She names her Agnes. Agnes is treated like a princess and given the life that Billy never had. When Billy reaches adulthood, he goes on a killing spree one Christmas. He rips out Agnes' eye and eats it. Then he kills his step-father and mother respectively in vengeance.

When the police arrive, they find him eating his mother's corpse. He is declared insane and sent to an asylum. During the events of the film, Billy's old home is turned into a sorority house. Billy escapes from the asylum and together with Agnes, kill many of the sorority girls in his former home.

At the end of the film, Agnes is killed by Kelli, after a brief chase with Kelli, Billy and Kelli end up in the stairway of the hospital, Billy attempts to attack her, but Kelli hits him by crutch and tells him "Merry Christmas mother-fucker", she then ends up throwing Billy off the stairway in which Billy falls and gets impaled on a Christmas tree, finally killing him and ending his killing spree once and for all.


Black Christmas 1974 Edit

  • Clare Harrison
  • Mrs. MacHenry
  • Janice Quaife
  • Barabra Coard
  • Officer Jennings
  • Phyllis Carlson

Black Christmas 2006 Edit

  • J. Bailey
  • Santa
  • Billy's stepfather
  • Mrs. Lenz
  • Heather Fitzgerald
  • Barbara Machenry
  • Unnamed Morgue Attendant
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