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Bishop to Hudson before doing his knife trick

Bishop is played by Lance Henriksen in Aliens and Alien 3. He is an android of the 341-B model.

Biography Edit

Aliens Edit

Bishop is the android assigned to the marine unit to help them in their mission in Aliens. He is programmed not to kill or harm any human. He is also the scientist of this mission. Ellen Ripley mistrusts him for being an android, remembering the spy and android Ash in Alien, who tried to kill her. During the mission he investigates the creatures found in the colony and when the colony is about to blow up, he has to risk his life to save the remaining marines by getting out in the open and get another space ship from the mothership Sulaco to them, knowing that the aliens will be all around him, for which he earns the appraisal of all around him, including Ripley. His actions are decisive in the quest of defeating the aliens and save Ripley, Newt and Hicks.

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Bishop and Ellen Ripley

He was later harmed by the Alien Queen, which boarded the ship without his knowledge. Ripley, who defeats the alien, while he protects Newt, develops a deep, friendly connection with him for his last acts and because of all they went through together. Bishop also learns to respect her, too, for her actions. Ripley then sends him to cryosleep with the others.

Alien 3 Edit

He is irrevocably harmed in Alien 3, when the ship is later destroyed because of an alien smuggled on board by the Alien Queen. He was , however, still activated by Ripley a last time in order to find out, what happened, which he correspondingly reported. Later, upons his request, Ripley destroys him after he tells her about the alien onboard the Sulaco, that is now threatening her and the others.

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