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Bishop II
was played by Lance Henriksen. His complete name is Michael Bishop Weyland and is a human being. He appears in Alien 3.

Biography Edit

"Ripley! Think of all we could learn from it! It's the chance of a lifetime! You must let me have it. It's a magnificent specimen!"
- Michael Weyland, to Ripley (from Alien³)
He created the android Bishop. He was sent by the company to retrieve the Alien Queen from Ripley. They elected him for that purpose, because Riple had developed an emotional bond with the android Bishop in Aliens and because his appearance with Bishop was identical. Therefore the company saw him as an opportunity to reach Ripley for the purpose of retrieving the Alien Queen from her womb using the fact , that he created Bishop.
He willingly and passionatey approached her for that purpose and did everything to convince her to take the Alien Queen out of her, but he couldn´t fool her and she threw herself into the molt, while he had no other choice but to see it with his own eyes.
He was angry and frustrated, that he couldn´t achieve his goal.

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