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Portrayed by Billy Drago, Black Hand Kelly was the sobriquet of a gunfighter.

Background Edit[edit | edit source]

Kelly was known by the name Black Hand Kelly, with over twenty years of experience in the dangerous Wild West. Kelly was known as the maestro of shooting in the Wild West and apparently as an urban legend. He is somewhere in his late forties And he found love with in Emma and she in him .


1889 Graboid Incident Edit[edit | edit source]

After a hunting party disastrously tried to clear out the "Dirt Dragons" from the local silver-mine the residents decided to contact an expert gunfighter whose reflexes could deal with the varments. Answering their advertisement Kelly showed up a few months Later a middle-aged gunfighter who was hired by Hiram to deal with the Dirt Dragons. In a demonstration of his skills he was able to shoot a hanging sausage and plant two bullets in it as it fell. He would no doubt have been effective against the baby Graboids.

He was smart enough to quickly realize after seeing a full-grown graboid for the first time that the revolvers & rifles that he, Juan, and Hiram brought hunting for the baby graboids wouldn't do much damage to it, yet brave and level-headed in the face of danger enough to not panic and instead opt to try hitting the graboids with everything they had as soon as they saw them and hope for a lucky shot. Sadly, he soon found out the hard way that graboids are fond of sneak attacks.

Death and Legacy Edit[edit | edit source]

He was eaten alive by a full grown Graboid at the muling station, but apparently he contributed to the Gummer families love of weapons and preparation.

PersonalityEdit[edit | edit source]

Attitude Edit[edit | edit source]

He was apparently based on Burt, but lacked some of the positive aspects of Burt’s personality, as he was not likely to make friends. He believed in being prepared, and said that "being full-grown don’t make you a man". [1]

Appearance Edit[edit | edit source]

Black Hand Kelly wore jet black clothes in a traditional wild west style. He had grey medium length hair and apparently, he must have been handsome in his prime.

References Edit[edit | edit source]

  1. ↑ S.S. Wilson stated that Kelly was based on Burt.
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