IMDb Rating
Bloody Birthday
Have a bloody good time!!
Directed By
Ed Hunt
Produced By
Gerald T. Olson
Written By
Ed Hunt,
Barry Pearson
Susan Strasberg,
José Ferrer,
Lori Lethin,
Melinda Cordell,
Julie Brown
Music By
Arlon Ober
Stephen L. Posey

Release Date(s)
April 28, 1981
85 minutes
Flag of the United States United States

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Bloody Birthday is a 1981 slasher film directed by Ed Hunt and stars Susan Strasberg, José Ferrer and Lori Lethin.

Plot Edit

The movie starts out in 1970. A man walks into Meadowvale hospital. 3 mothers are giving birth. During that time, a solar eclipse occurs. At the peak of the solar eclipse, the 3 babies are born. Then it zooms to 1980 showing a young couple playing ambulance. They then go in a dug grave. When dirt falls, the man looks up. When he turns around, he is hit in the face with a shovel. The woman is strangled to death and the man is beat to death with a shovel.

A young woman makes a sandwich, goes to a table and studies astrology. Her little brother comes in through the window. The young woman, whose name is Joyce, asks him what he was doing. He replies with "I was feeding the dog."  

Cast Edit

  • Lori Lethin - Joyce Russel
  • Melinda Cordell - Mrs. Brody
  • Julie Brown - Beverly Brody
  • Joe Penny - Mr. Harding
  • Bert Kramer - Sherriff James Brody
  • K.C. Martel - Timmy Russel
  • Elizabeth Hoy - Debbie Brody
  • Billy Jayne - Curtis Taylor
  • Andrew Freeman - Steven Seton
  • Susan Strasberg - Miss Viola Davis
  • José Ferrer - Doctor
  • Ben Marley - Duke Benson
  • Erica Hope - Annie Smith
  • Ellen Geer - Madge

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