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Boarding School is a 2018 American horror movie written and directed by Boaz Yakin, released in US on 31st august 2018.


Jacob, a 12yo boy who suffers of night terrors and comportement troubles, is sent to a remote boarding school and, with his friends (Phil, Frederic, Elwood, the twin brothers Lenny and Calvin, and Christine), discovers something sinister occurring there...

List of DeathsEdit

  • Frederic : Hanged with his belt in the bathroom.
  • Elwood : Choked with a pillow by Mrs Sherman / Lynn Adams.
  • Mrs Ramsay : ingested a very high dose of antidepressant without his knowledge and later stabbed to death by Mrs Adams.
  • Mrs Sherman / Mrs Adams : Throat sliced ​​by Dr Sherman / The Usurper.
  • Claude, the garderner of the boarding school : Beaten to death by Dr Sherman / The Usurper.
  • Dr Sherman / The Usurper : Beaten to death by Jacob and burned body by him too.
  • Real Dr Sherman and Mrs Sherman : Stunned by the Usurper, then corpses hidden in the freezer by him too and burned alive by fire.
  • Christine Holcomb : Burned alive by fire.
  • Davis Rathbone, Jacob's stepfather : Ingestion of poisoned wine.
  • The Nazi Soldier (flash-back) : Throat sliced by the sharp teeths of Feiga, Jacob's grandmother.


  • Luke Prael as Jacob Rathbone
  • Nadia Alexander as Phil
  • Sterling Jerins as Christine Holcomb
  • Kobi George as Lenny
  • Kadin George as Calvin
  • Nicholas J. Oliveri as Elwood Ramsay
  • Christopher Dylan White as Frederic
  • David Aaron Baker as Davis Rathbone
  • Samantha Mathis as Isabel
  • Robert John Burke as Mr. Holcomb
  • Charlotte Ubben as Mrs. Holcomb
  • Chris LaPanta as Claude, the gardener
  • Stephen Bogardus as Phil's father
  • Lucy Walters as Mrs. Ramsay
  • Will Patton as Dr Sherman / The Usurper
  • Tammy Blanchard as Mrs Sherman / Mrs Lynn Adams
  • Sonya Balsara as Young Feiga
  • Allison Winn as Young Tsipi
  • Barbara Kingsley as Elderly Tsipi
  • Tim Haber as Nazi Soldier


Released in Theatres and on DVD and Blu-ray in US on 31st august 2018.


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