The Can Man was played by Billy Beck in the 1988 film The Blob.

Biography Edit

The Can Man is a homeless man living with a dog who earns his income by collecting empty cans and bottles. He has a good relationship wit Brian Flagg.

He was the one who saw the satellite with The Blob coming to Earth. He went to the place where it fell and became the first victim of The Blob who, at that moment only very small, grabbed his hand and maintained his hold on it. Slowly but surely it was eating him then alive and he desperately tried to do something against it, but to no avail.

Brian, Megan and her boyfriend found him and transported him to the hospital not knowing what was going on, because he already had lost his senses. He died there because of The Blob, who ate most of him alive there before going away from him with the purpose of finding better prey.

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