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Carol Anne Freeling Is the protagonist of the Poltergeist film trilogy, played by Heather O'Rourke.


She is the daughter of Steve And Diane Freeling and she is also the sister to Robbie and Dana Freeling.

She senses the presence of Poltergeists in the first movie and is kidnapped by them. With the help of her family they are able to get her back from the netherworld. She witnesses how her house is later disintegrated by those spirits and goes with the family away from there.

After the disaster she lives together with her family with her grandmother. There she witnesses her grandmother´s death, who dies in her sleep.There Kane, who has been awakened because of the events surrounding the first movie, tries to get her, when he is able to find her. He is repelled by the family and saved by her grandmother with the help of an Indian specialist.

Kane tries to get her again in the next movie, but is saved with the help of another specialist, who helped the family before,by helping Kane get to the light in return for leaving Carol Anne alone. After that everything ends.