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Carrie Adams was portrayed by Gina Holden in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

About Edit

In 2004 she lived in Gunnison, Colorado. She was responsible for a diner there. She was married and was pregnant. She also had a good relationship with Dallas Howard despite him being in jail for burglary and even gave him advice regarding his wish about finding a job.

When her husband, a policeman, disappeared during a search mission and didn't call her, as he always did when he was longer away than usual, she became worried and told it to the sherriff who began to search for him. In the meantime the cook tried to calm her down about it. She didn't know he was killed by a Predator, when he casually discovered him.

When the Xenomorphs began to spread through the town at night, she became one of the first victims of the Xenomorphs. The Predalien entered her diner at the kitchen, killed the cook, when she was about to enter, and then it impregnated her with several babies.

They killed her from the inside and Darcy Benson found her dead body and the corresponding chestbursters.

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