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Casey: [Talking on the phone to Ghostface] What do you want?
Ghostface: To see what your insides look like.
― Ghostface and Casey

Casey "Cassandra" Becker is a character from the first Scream film, and the first on-screen victim of Ghostface. She is portrayed by Drew Barrymore.

Biography Edit

Casey was a popular girl. Her boyfriend was Steven Orth and ex-boyfriend was Stu Macher and all 3 of them attended Woodsboro High School. Casey was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Becker. Casey was a horror movie fan.


After killing her boyfriend in front of her, with which she wanted to spend a movie night together at home, Ghostface chased her and finally caught her. She was stabbed in heart, in neck and in the chest. Her parents discovered her, dead, gutted, and hanging from a tree.

Both murders mark the beginning of the Woodsboro Murders and set up the introduction of Sidney Prescott, the film's heroine.

Trivia Edit

  • Casey was the first on-screen victim of Ghostface, but the third victim overall. Maureen Prescott is the first victim, she was killed one year before the Woodsburo killing spree and the second victim was Casey's boybriend, Steven Orth, who was killed off-screen just before her.

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