Cat Huxley, as a black cat, first appears in The Dulvey Saga Webseries during the second episode, Karma Kills RIP. He is an evil black cat, that is sent by the demon lord Valtiel to serve as a spy. He was once a human called Cat, who was slain by Valtiel during an unsuccessful attempt to end his reign of terror in Dulvey.

Valtiel decided that it was only appropriate to turn him into something, based on his very own name, as a warning that no other demon hunters should oppose him. Due to his size, it is easy for the cat to hide in the shadows. He will update Valtiel about any threats, accordingly.

Cat was born in Cheshire, England.

History Edit

The cat first appeared to Paul Lee after it meowed loudly under the bed sheets, after he had just woken up from a nightmare. His friend Jim Goody, however, did not see any signs of a cat and kept mocking Paul over his story. However, Paul remembered about it and was keen to find it. The cat overhears Paul saying goodbye after the friends defeated Valtiel and leave the Dulvey estate, and meows loudly once again. The cat is eventually killed by Jim in a post-credits scene in the last part, but it speaks in an English accent beforehand.

In a flashback intended for the latest entry, Cat will have a battle with Valtiel, and lose. This will reveal how he died and became a black feline. Cat was also friends with Metro Hall, and came to Dulvey from Cheshire.

Appearances Edit

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