This category contains horror film related franchises, such as Frankenstein, Dracula, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream. Each specific franchise should contain additional categories related to films (for a series), characters, etc. A franchise is all encompassing, whereas a film series contains just the films.
Main franchises

AnoesIcon A Nightmare on Elm Street  •  AlienIcon Alien‎  •  AmitvilleIcon Amityville Horror‎  •  ChuckyIcon Child's Play‎  •  DraculaIcon Dracula  • 
FinalDestinationIcon Final Destination‎  •  FrankensteinIcon Frankenstein‎  •  Friday13thIcon Friday the 13th •  DeadIcon Living Dead‎  •  MichaelIcon Halloween‎  •  Hellraiser Hellraiser  •  JawsIcon Jaws  •  ParanomalActivityIcon Paranormal Activity‎  •  Saw2Icon Saw‎  •  GhostfaceIcon Scream  •  TexasIcon Texas Chainsaw Massacre‎  •  WrongTurnIcon Wrong Turn

Minor franchises

28 Days Later  •  Carrie  •  DarkShadowsIcon Dark Shadows  •  Evil Dead  •  ExorcistIcon1 Exorcist‎  •  HowlingIcon Howling  •  IKWYDLSIcon I Know What You Did Last Summer  • Piranha  •  Predator  •  PumpkinheadIcon Pumpkinhead •  SilentHillIcon Silent Hill  •  Purge Icon The Purge‎

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