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You know, when you get sick you think about your life and how you're going to be remembered. You know what I realize will happen when I go? Ten percent fall in share prices, maybe twelve. That's it.
Weyland to Alexa

Charles Bishop Weyland was played by Lance Henriksen. He appeared in Alien vs. Predator.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He was a billionaire industrialist and the chairman of Weyland Industries. He is an honorable man. In 2004 he organised and led an expedition to Bouvetoya, Antartica to investigate an ancient Pyramid his company discovered buried beneath thousands of years of ice there and which has characteristics of Aztec, Egyptian and Khmer pyramids. He wants to be there first, because he wants to leave something behind once he is dead because of the cancer he has.

The Pyramid was discovered to be a Predator temple and hunting ground, where the Predators would breed Xenomorphs for use in their hunts, and Weyland's expedition soon became caught up in the battle between the two species. It was used by them in Ancient times and they intend to use it again and made sure it would be discovered, so they could hunt again.

He was killed by one of the Predators there.

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