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Charlie Linderman is a Springwood teenager who is a friend of Lori Campbell. He is the nineteenth falling victim of the Freddy vs. Jason killing spree to die.


An asthamtic and known geek at his high school, Linderman is introduced in Freddy vs. Jason at Lori's high school the next day following the deaths of Blake, Trey, and Blake's father.

It becomes apparent that Linderman has an unrequited crush on Lori (which is even further shown when Will Rollins is re-introduced in Lori's life) who sees him as a nice guy, but doesn't like him in that way. It's because of his unrequited crush that he is a target of insults from Lori's best friend Kia Waterson. Linderman shows up at the rave party, and is forced by a couple of high school students to drink alcohol.

It's here that he finally stands up to Kia when she insults him again when he tries to talk to Lori. After witnessing Jason Voorhees' massacre, he works together with Lori, Will, Bill Freeburg, Kia, and Deputy Stubbs to figure out how to stop both Jason and Freddy Krueger. They finally decide to go to Westin Hills to retrieve Hypnocil, only to have a possessed Freeburg pour it all down the drain. Jason is then injected with a substance to put him to sleep. Lori also falls asleep to pull Freddy out of the dream world. Linderman, Will, and Kia head to Camp Crystal Lake to give Jason the home field advantage to defeat Freddy.

Jason awakens in the van and is thrown out of the back when it crashes. Linderman, Will, and Kia find a cabin to take Lori and try to wake her up. Jason finds their location and attacks them. Before Kia can be attacked by Jason, Linderman runs and impales Jason with a flagpole. Jason instead knocks him backwards, sending him into the wall where he is impaled in the side from a spike. Kia drags him out into the woods where he confesses his feelings for her and tells her to go get help. The wound, however, is critical and Linderman dies from blood loss.


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