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Chase Porter is Heather Langenkamp Porter's husband in New Nightmare. He is portrayed by David Newsom.

New nightmare Edit

Chase is a special effects artist working on the new Nightmare movie Wes Craven has in store. After Heather accepts Craven's offer to return, she is surprised to discover Chase is working on a new Freddy claw, similar to a depiction in a dream she had previously where the claw comes to life and stabs Chase to death.

Death Edit

As Chase begins to fall asleep while driving, a claw comes through the seat as if the seat's made of liquid, soon, Freddy's entire clawed hand comes through the seat and slashes Chase's chest, Chase crashes the car, and is killed. Later, Heather goes to see him at the morgue, fearing his death was more than a car accident, that Freddy had entered real-life. Heather discovers, the marks on his chest and knows it was Freddy's doings.

References Edit

  1. Based on David Newsom's birthdate

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