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Chet is the secondary villain in the 2012 horror film Piranha 3DD. While he is the secondary supporting villain of the film, he is very responsible for the piranhas entering the water park, making him the cause of many innocent people to get killed. He is portrayed by David Koechner.


As the film moves on, Chet is shown to be pumping water into the park from an underground lake which means he is doing illegal activities to boost the park. Madeline is threatened into keeping quiet about it.

During the opening of the park, Chet watches in dismay as piranhas begin to burst out of the pipes and eat innocent people. He cowardly refuses to help any dying survivors and runs off. Fearing for his beloved money and business, he runs out the park into the pool allotments. He meets an unnamed young girl whose mother has been killed and eaten by the piranhas. When she looks at him in accusation, Chet arrogantly says "It's not my fault" (when it obviously is) and gives the girl some money, callously spraying it on her mother's corpse. Then Chet gets in his truck and drives off. But he accidentally reverses over the girl and kills her in cold blood without showing any remorse. In his panic to get out, he drives into a wire and accidentally decapitates himself in the process, thus ending his villainy once and for all. His severed head lands in a woman's hands and then, gets thrown to the pool, where the piranhas devoured his severed head. Chet's headless corpse was later found and taken by paramedics.

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