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Directed By
Mick Garris
Produced By
Mick Garris
Written By
Mick Garris
Henry Thomas
Lucie Laurier
Stacy Grant
Leah Graham
Matt Frewer

Release Date(s)
November 25, 2005
60 minutes
Flag of the United States United States
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Chocolate is a 2005 horror film, directed by Mick Garris. It is part of the Masters of Horror series and served as the fifth episode of the first season. It follows Jamie, who discovers that he has a strange connection to an unknown woman. Without warning, he start to experience the world through her senses. Each time the experience ended, he tasted chocolate...


The film begins with a man named Jamie, telling his story to two cops. He asked the cop if he has ever been in love, before proclaiming that no man have loved a woman like he did. The cop mocks this notion, as the man's shirt is covered in blood. Going back a forth for a while, he is asked to begin at the beginning again.

He begins with telling that he worked at a Cougar Culinary Labs, as he made artificial flavors for the food industry. The films cut to the place, starting the story. it is shown that he has an incredible sense of smell. When he goes to sleep that night, he is woken up the strange sensation, after weeks of dieting, he tasted and smelled chocolate. Someone else's chocolate... The next day, visited his ex-wife, Vanessa and their son, Booth. The visit is shortlived however as the son has dance class. With the visit shortened, he goes to a club instead. One of his colleagues, Wally, plays in a band, and to humour Wally, he goes to watch him. The colleague stated he is able to do a magic trick, which he doesn't want to show. Later, when a girl asked him if he could show the trick after all, but have way their conversation, he was unable to hear her or the band. Instead, he heard classical music and someone cracking a bottle. Being completely isolated from the sounds of his surroundings, he tries to explain this to the girl, to no avail. She walks away annoyed by his apparent refusal and leave him behind, just as the sounds kick in again, almost deafening him.

Later, when he drives his colleague home, he haves a similar experience, only this time, he is perceiving someone else's vision, making him unable to see the road. He loses control over the car, almost hit a truck and by sheer luck doesn't crash. His colleagues thinks it is a joke, but Jamie is spooked by the experience, even more so when he has another such vision when he sleeps. Led to believe that there is bulgar in his house, he goes looking for the intruder, only to have more small visions of the man, asking him if he woke him up.

The next morning, he meets a woman Elaine in the grocery shop and soon, they discovered that they have plenty in common. They dine that night, after which they engage in a onenightstand. But during the sex, he has another outer sensory experience. In the morning, he has a complete experience, seeing and feeling everything that an unknown woman sees. He falls back on the mattress, as he experiences the woman have sex, from her point of view. This not only freaks out his onenightstand, it also shocks his wife and child. This leads both his wife and child to go away as well as Elaine.

When shaved, he saw once more through her eyes, starting his obsession with the woman. He became obsessed with how she lived, jealous of her life and slowly became a voyeur through her eyes. He tried everything to invoke other outer sensory experiences, growing frustrated when they failed but gleeful when they worked. He started to fall in love with her. He later would ask his colleague for advice but he can't explain his situation to him. It slowly turned into an argument and he eventually leaves his friend, unwilling to make the experiences stop.

Through his visions, he discovers that the boyfriend of the woman, Hooper, has brought another woman with him, hoping for a threesome. This angers her and she slaps him in the face, a favor he quickly returns. Jamie later see through the woman's eyes, how she repays him for that. She stabs her boyfriend in the stomach, and slits him from bellybutton to nipples. But his obsession only grow and using his visions, he tried to track her down, through her licence plate. He discovered that she was in Vancouver. When he walked into a guy, he learned that the murdered boyfriend was an artist and that she was indeed living in Vancouver. Using the information gathered from his visions, he buys chocolate, before visiting the studio where the artist was murdered. After having broken in the crime studio, he sees her driving off. Now seeing license plate fully, he knew enough to track her down and pay her visit. He also learned that her name is Catherine.

When he goes visiting however, things don't go well and after saying that he came to deliver something the box of chocolate, she slams the door in his face. The next day, as she is jogging, he stalks her, assuming she wouldn't notice. Catherine confronts him and tries to tell him off. He tried to convince her to go lunch with him, even stating that he would leave her alone if she only dated him once. But eventually she agrees to lunch with him. During lunch, he reveals what he experienced through her senses. At first, she appears to be overwhelmed, but when he stops her from going home, after seeing cops parked in front of her house. She immediately realizes that he knows about the murder she committed. With this in mind, she is willing to listen to him and takes him home with her.

Inside the house, he confesses his love for him. She reveals to know his name and have shared similar experiences. She states that she was scared by the experiences and reveals that she felt his loneliness. After having a drink, she seduces him, before it is revealed that she drugs him. She reveals that she has no such experiences and believes him to be stalker trying to blackmail her. In retalliation, she tries kill with a gun. She is able to shoot him in the leg but he fights her off and impales her hand with a spear. But when he is able to get hold of the gun, she tears the spear tip from her hand, ready to throw. Unlike him, she is willing to kill him but is stopped when he has another and final vision. And for the first time, she believes him. Seeing how dangerous he really is to her, she tries to kill him but instead is shot by Jamie. 

The film cuts back to the cops, as they led Jamie away, who states that he now knows how it feels to die...  


  • Henry Thomas as Jamie
  • Matt Frewer as Wally
  • Stacy Grant as Vanessa
  • Jake D. Smith as Booth
  • Michael Curtola as Band Member
  • Katharine Horsman as Sue
  • Paul Wu as Hooper
  • Leah Graham as Elaine
  • Lucie Lauriene as Catherine
  • Alexandra Stateson as Young Girl
  • Peter Bryant as Detective #1
  • Ken Dresen as Detective #2

List of deathsEdit

List of deaths in the film, Chocolate

Name Cause of Death Killer On Screen Notes
Hooper Disembolwement: gutted with a knife Catherine Yes Killed for cheating on her and hitting her
Catherine Shot with a gun Jamie Yes Self-Defense

DVD and Blu-rayEdit

The DVD was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment on May 9, 2006. The episode was the fifth episode and the fourth to be released on DVD. The episode appears on the fourth volume of the Blu-ray compilation of the series.


  • In the film, Jamie is seen looking over scribbled out copy of the novel Desperation, written by Stephen King.
    • Mick Garris, the director of Chocolate, also directed a TV Adaptation of Desperation. Both Henry Thomas (Jamie) and Matt Frewer (Wally) also played a role in this adaptation.