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Robert "Chop Top" Sawyer
Chop Top
Known aliases
Chop Top
Plate Head
Known relatives

Leatherface (Brother),
Nubbins Sawyer (Twin Brother,
Drayton Sawyer (Brother),
Grandpa Sawyer (Grandfather),

Joan Sawyer (wife),
Jamie Sawyer (son),
Heather Miller (Cousin)


Portrayed by
Bill Moseley

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Robert "Chop Top" Sawyer is was one of Leatherface's many siblings, who had the side of his head injured in a machete fight in Vietnam. He bought the Texas battle lands using fake government checks. He carries around Nubbis, and acts as though he's still alive. He also stashed a grenade in Nubbis' jacket. He dresses as a hippy and states "music is my life" he also wore a Sonny Bono wig (until Leatherface ruined it) he also carries around a hanger and a lighter which he uses to burn the tip of the hanger and peel flesh near the plate on his head to eat.

About Edit

He is first seen when a couple of teenagers make him and Bubba (Leatherface) swerve off of the road so later they go back for revenge Chop Top follows them driving backwards and Leatherface kills the teens. He didn't know it was being recorded/broadcasted so he and Leatherface went to kill Stretch. While Chop tried to distract Stretch Leatherface burst out and accidentally hit chop top on the plate, which caused him to shout "'Nam flashback! 'Nam flashback" and also "dog will hunt". While he rummaged through the record vault L.G. walked in he tried to stop him but he over powered L.G. and repeatedly beat him to death with a hammer which he thought killed him.

Chop top action figure

the only chop top figure in existence (notice Freddy's skeleton and Leatherfaces arm in the background)

After he believed Leatherface killed Stretch he and Leatherface left. Little did he know that Stretch actually didn't die and followed them. When Chop Top did realize she followed them he captured her and tied her up and went to go get grandpa. Before they could kill her Lefty came to her rescue she ran and Chop Top followed her to chainsaw heaven. She quickly ripped the chainsaw from Grandma Sawyer's stomach Chop to lightly slit his throat twice whilst screaming 'look! look at my face!". Chop Top watched as Grandma Sawyer died and said in rage "you killed her you hog bitch!" while Stretch tired to start the chainsaw he viciously stabbed her with his razor but Stretch got the chainsaw started and cut Chop Top's stomach making him fall backwards into a wall which broke and he fell into an air duct. It was later revealed that he survived both the cut and the fall.

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