Mr. Christopher Sullivan is the greedy, selfish, sadistic, and arrogant CEO of Play Pals Toys Inc.; he first appears in Child's Play 2 where he is updated by Mattson (Greg Germann) an executive about the company's bad publicity due to Andy's Good Guy Doll supposedly becoming possessed by the soul of Charles Lee Ray. He also tries to protect the company's reputation from angry stockholders and the public in general. He also appears in Child's Play 3 when he moves Good Guys Toys forward with producing more dolls, however he is killed and murdered by Chucky (Brad Dourif) when he accesses Sullivan's office computer to find Andy Barclay in military school. He is portrayed by the late Peter Haskell.


  • Before Peter Haskell was cast, John Travolta, Michael Keaton, Willem Dafoe, Clancy Brown, Stephen Root, Nick Nolte, William Shatner, Brian Cox, and Jerry Orbach were considered to played Christopher Sullivan.
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