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Chupacabra is a 2007 Syfy channel film directed by John Blush and starring Patrick Bradford, Kevin Atwell, and Michael Perron.

Plot Edit

Dave Clipton is a ethologist who has recenty moved into the swampy badlands of Old Mexico with his 7-year-old daughter, Maggie. Dave has won two tickets to a tour of a near-by power plant, which powers of 5000 miles of Old Mexico. During the tour, Dave and Maggie are taken hostage, along with their tour guide, Tom, by a group of terrorists trying to hide their deadly finding: the legendary "El Chupacabra".

When a terrible rain storm hits, knocking out the power in the building, along with 5000 miles of Old Mexico, things get even worse for both the hostages and the terrorists when the El Chupacabra escapes from it's containment and begins killing off the power repairmen and terrorists one-by-one.

With time running out, the terrorist leader, Loyd Riger, must seek Dave's help to stop the beast's bloody rampage. They set a trap in the electrical room where Dave is able to electrocute the creature to it's death.

Cast Edit

  • Patrick Bradford as Dave Clipton
  • Kevin Atwell as Sheriff Benny Tars
  • Micheal Perron as Loyd Riger
  • Hayden Christian as Mr. Whitten
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