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Bullshit! You told me Death has a distinct design. But Alex and I cheated Death,
not once but dozens of times. The design is flawed, it can be beaten.
― Clear Rivers [src]

Clear Rivers was the female protagonist of both Final Destination and Final Destination 2. She was a senior student of Mt. Abraham High, and was one of the students aboard Volee Airlines Flight 180.

Clear was the seventh and final survivor of Flight 180 to die.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Clear Rivers was born on September 7, 1984, to a couple from the fictional town of Mt. Abraham, New York. Her biological mother died during childbirth and her father took another wife. Clear was very close to her father, since they often went fishing at the woods, However, Clear's father was murdered at a 7-Eleven store, and Clear's stepmother took another husband. She was also frequently found by other classmates at Mt. Abraham High as mysterious and sly, but was very trustworthy. Clear was one of the students meant to board Volee Airlines Flight 180 to Paris, France. She lives alone in her house, alone except for her dog, Rex.

Final Destination[edit | edit source]

Clear is seen for the first time with her crew entering New York's John F. Kennedy Airport. She helps her French teacher translate a French speech that no one cared to answer. Later, still in the waiting room, Clear bumps into Alex and sees that one of his books has the image of a serious accident.

She boards Flight 180 with a friend and they sit down, only to Alex Browning start to say that she will explode and kill everyone on board. After he has a fight with Carter Horton, and is kicked out of the plane, Clear leaves also making sure that Alex is telling the truth.Arriving at the waiting room, Clear watches Alex and Carter argue again until they are interrupted by the huge explosion of flight 180 that destroys the windows of the airport with the displacement of air. This terrifies Clear.


Thirty-nine days later, Clear appears at the Memorial for victims of the air disaster and sympathizes with Alex for the opportunity to be alive . That night, she ends up knowing about the alleged suicide Tod Wagner and moves there, calling Alex's attention not to appear at the crime scene.

Understanding Death's plans

Clear sympathizes with Alex's pain and decides to take him secretly to the funeral home where Tod is. They find his body being prepared by the sinister William Bludworth who says that they cheated Death by getting off the plane. He reveals that they paid the price for deceiving her and explains the plans of this supernatural entity.

The next day, Clear and Alex have coffee at a coffee shop. La Alex explains that he received a warning about Tod's death before it happened. Clear is skeptical of this until he witnesses Terry Chaney's fatal hit after an argument from Carter and Alex again.

After Valerie Lewton is killed, Clear meets Alex, Carter and William Hitchcock at the Memorial. He reveals that there is an order of who dies and the next is Carter, who tries to kill himself on the tracks of a train. Alex saves him, and Death jumps Carter on the lists to kill Billy beheaded by a wreck of Carter's car.

Being next on the list

Clear agrees with the remaining survivors to take shelter while Alex tries to save himself. When Death skips Alex, knowing that an order on the list is based on how they are sitting before the vision, Clear is attacked by electrical discharges in his home. In her frustrated escape, she is about to be charred when saved by Alex.

Three months later, Clear goes to Paris with Alex and Carter. However, Death pursues them to warn that it is not over. Alex is saved by Carter from being hit by a car, where she witnesses Carter being killed by a falling coffee shop sign, ending the movie.

Between the films[edit | edit source]

After Carter is crushed to death, Clear and Alex try to escape, but her boyfriend is killed by a brick falling on his head. This makes Clear worry about her own safety as she is next. She decides to return to New York and settle in a hospice of her own accord.

Final Destination 2[edit | edit source]

Request for help

A year after the explosion of Flight 180, Kimberly Corman finds Clear still in isolation in the hospice. They talk about the death plans, where Clear explains that the death order is reversed. When a plea for help to stop Death is offered, Clear refuses for Kimberly's fury.

Fighting Death

Clear later thinks about what happened and decides to help Kimberly and Thomas Burke. After Tim Carpenter dies, Clear gathers the other survivors at Thomas' house and explains what they must do to save themselves. Nora Carpenter is the next to die, even though Clear and Katherine Jennings try to help her.

They decide to go to the police station to find Isabella, where she can be the person who can defeat Death with a "new life". On the way, the tire bursts and forces Kat to hit the car against PVC pipes. Eugene Dix is injured, where Clear helps him to be taken to the Hospital with great concern. When Kat and Rory die, Clear accompanies Kimberly and Thomas to the hospital. She is glad when Isabella's baby is born, announcing that Death has lost.

Death[edit | edit source]

In Eugene's room, the air vents close and two oxygen tanks start leaking. Something falls over and knocks into one of Eugene's life support machines, pulling it's plug nearly out of the socket. The socket sparks because of the oxygen but doesn't flame yet. Clear rushes to Eugene's room and opens the door which the plug completely out of the socket, which sparks and ignited the oxygen around Clear and Eugene, incinerating them. Kimberly and Thomas see the fire from further down the corridor.

Appearences[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Clear and Nathan Sears from Final Destination 5 share the curiosity of being the only survivors to die after the visionaries: Clear after Alex and Nathan after Sam Lawton.
  • Clear is the only survivor to meet two visionaries: Kimberly Corman and Alex Browning.
  • Ali Larter, who played Clear, was originally supposed to appear in Final Destination 3, but due to a legal agreement, she had to sign off, and they had her character killed.
  • Clear was the first last survivor to die to not be a visionart. The second one was Nathan Sears from Final Destination 5.
  • Kirsten Dunst was one of the choices to play Clear Rivers. Craig Perry confirmed that they nearly cast Jessica Biel to play Clear.
  • All Clear's death attempts involved fire. Interestingly, she died as she should have died in the vision.

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