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Cold Prey 3: The Beginning (Norwegian: Fritt Vilt 3) is a 2010 Norwegian slasher film. It's the third film in the Cold Prey series and serves as a prequel to the events of the first film.

Plot Edit

Jotunheimen year 1976. Stehøe mountain lodge is experiencing a low count of visitors after numerous bizarre incidents near it. The couple running the lodge, Sigrid and Gunnar Brath, are suspecting their son Geir Olaf for being behind it all and keeps him locked up in the basement. Geir is later reported missing, but in reality, he was buried alive after attempting to escape. Einar Stølen, the sheriff in Otta, visits his hermit brother Jon asking him about seeing the boy as well as informing about that their father is about to die, but is told that he wants no more contact. Geir, however, survived and several days later, at night time, he returns to Stehøe, where he murders both Sigrid and Gunnar before hiding the corpses.

12 years later, in 1988, a group of young people, Hedda, Anders, Siri, Knut, Simen, and Magne are on their way to Jotunheimen, hitchhiking with Einar. They claim to hike in the mountains but have in reality different plans: to head to Stehøe mountain lodge, which has been abandoned since the "disappearance" of the boy and his parents 12 years earlier. On their way, Einar discovers that Jon has trouble with his car, and stops to offer help. Einar then discovers rifles at the loading area and tells him that the area is a national park and that hunting is illegal before heading back to his car and continues, during which Jon looks at it and takes notice of Siri. They arrive at a plain where he let the youngsters off. He then recalls that the bus driver's wife has her 50th birthday the next day, and no bus will be on schedule, but Einar tells he can pick them up at 2.00 pm.

The youngsters take a break after a while of walking, and Magne uses that opportunity to pee. Anders, Simen, and Knut then look at the map

Cast Edit

  • Ida Marie Bakkerud as Hedda
  • Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen as Anders
  • Pål Stokka as Magne
  • Julie Rusti as Siri
  • Arthur Berning as Simen
  • Sturla Rui as Knut
  • Terje Ranes as Einar
  • Nils Johnson as Jon
  • Hallvard Holmen as Bjørn Brath
  • Trine Wiggen as Magny Brath

Release Edit

Cold Prey 3 was given a theatrical release in Norway on October 15, 2010.

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