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God help us all.
Colonel Stevens to himself

Colonel Stevens was played by Robert Joy in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Biography Edit

He was a high member of the US military and he also was responsible for the Gunnison operation when the town was infested by the Xenomorphs.

He told Sheriff Morales to gather the remaining citizens of Gunnison in the center of town for an airlift. It was a lie. No airlift was planned beforehand by him. He decided to use these citizens instead as bait to lure the Xenomorphs there and keep them in the town on the way.

Afterwards he nuked the town with the help of a nuclear weapon of 200 kilotons thrown from an airplane to exterminate the aliens and by doing this prevent them from spreading any further. He decided this after identifying the unknown creatures and also after realising, that the National Guard could not do anything against them in the slightest having been killed by the aliens too on the way.

After receiving the Predator´s cannon from the survivors of the destruction, he gave it to Miss Yutani for further study, which showed he was also working for her and the Yutani Corporation.

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