It’s not human, and it’s got an axe.
― The Creature as described on the film poster

The Creature is the titular antagonist of the 1984 monster slasher The Prey. He is portrayed by Carel Struycken.

Biography Edit

Many years ago, a family of gypsies were living in a cave in the mountains. A great fire spread through the forests of those mountains. A group of forest rangers and firefighters rushed to the seen to put out the flame. Having noticed the gypsies, the groups tried to save them. The gypsies, however, accepted their fate and burned to death, all but one. Forest Ranger Lester Tile saw a young boy, horribly burned, flee the seen. He had not been heard from since.

Many years later, Lester Tile has become chief forest ranger. In his park, which was formerly the gypsies mountain, the area called Northpoint has had many disappearances. A elderly couple had gone missing up in the mountains. The Boy had returned, now a hulking deformed monster.

A group of six friends enter Northpoint. The Creature begins stalking and murdering them, one by one. Tile sends a Forest ranger named Mark O’Brien to investigate Northpoint.

Near the end of the film, when five of the friends are dead, final girl Nancy cowers in fear at the sight of the Creature. O’Brien comes to the rescue and shoots the creature with a tranquilizer dart. It refuses to be sedated, so O’Brien resolves to knock it out with a log. It works and O’Brien goes to comfort Nancy, until the Creature kills Mark. It then walks towards Nancy smiling. The movie ends in the winter where a baby is heard crying from inside the cave. It is implied the Creature raped Nancy.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The Creature was quite deformed from the severe burns he had gotten early in life. His is burnt and quite deformed from the burns, almost inhuman. He is tall and has inhumanly large hands. His hair is raggedy, yet mostly missing. He wears black pants and a torn black shirt with boots

The Creature is extremely strong and even quite durable to pain. Thought it is implied in the cover of the movie and on its posters that the Creature uses an axe, it only uses an axe once or twice and its true weapon is its strength. It is strong enough to twist a man’s head around. It also has claws. It also use a small hunting knife, as well as placed a roped trap in the woods. It also used a sleeping bag

Victims Edit

Name Cause of Death
Frank Sylvester Decapitated via axe
Mary Sylvester Killed with an axe offscreen
Gail Suffocated with Sleeping Bag
Greg Throat torn out
Skip Head twisted 360 degrees
Joel Dropped from mountain side while climbing
Bobbie Sprung rope trap that swung her head into a tree
Mark O’Brien Choked to Death
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